Playlist mYsteria-X 07.08.2015

7. August 2015

Sidewalks And Skeletons – Sleep Paralysis
Fairmont – Waiting
Crystal Castles – Violent Dreams (RMX)
Mr. Kitty – Neglect
Kirlian Camera – Eclipse
Hidden Place – Window Sill
ttt – Bitches Brew

Black Marble – Pretender
Koban – Rappeler
Vicious Pink – 8:15 To Nowhere
Cockatoo – Kashikikawa
The Woken Trees – Orders
Miss Kittin – Kittin Is High
Bestial Mouths – Cloaked
Punx Soundcheck – Euro Trash Boy

Black Egg – Ohne Hände Remixes IV
Löwenzahn Holunder – Asozial
DAF – Der Sheriff
Tiga – London’s Burning Down
Soft Moon – Black
Numb – Shithammer
Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers
Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days
Austra – Habitat
Cold Cave – God Made The World
Skeleton Hands – Pride 7″
Man Without Country – Claymation

Ladytron – Little Black Angel
Engelsstaub – Fallen Angel
Derniere Volonte – Poison
Creatures – Exterminating Angel
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Tempers – Strange Harvest
White Hexx – Paradise
Keluar – Panguna (The Hacker Remix)
Kontravoid – Cut To Cleanse
Ash Code – Crucified
Agent Side Grinder – For The Young
Velvet Condom – Kalter Lippenstift (IDIE Remix)
Current 93 – Oh Coal Black Smith
Rome – To Die Among Strangers
Death in June – To Drown A Rose

Der Feuerkreiner – Unsere Zeit
In The Nursery – Blue Religion
Wardruna – Rotlaust Tre Fel
Dead Can Dance – Return Of The She King
Sisterhood – Colours
Ultravox – Vienna
Fix8Sed8 – Hiob
Skinny Puppy – Wornin
The Klinik – Black Leather
Haus Arafna – Heart Beats Blood Flows

High Functioning Flesh – Mistakes Were Made
Click Click – Rotor Babe
Hante – One More Dance
Selofan – Vergänglichkeit
Lebanon Hanover – Kunst
Virgin Prunes – Ulakanakulot/Decline And Fall
Light Asylum – Dark Allies

Miserylab – People
Sisters Of Mercy – Poison Door
Soft Moon – Alive
Curve – Fait Accompli
Euzen – Jugged By
Current 93 – Lucifer Over London
Gene Loves Jezebel – Desire
Placebo – Every Me And Every You (RMX)

Agent Side Grinder – Giants Fall
She Wants Revenge – I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love
Editors – French Disko
IAMX – After Every Party I Die
Seasurfer – We Run
All Your Sisters – Come Feel
Prurient – A Meal Can Be Made
77tm – She Likes To Watch You
Deathday – Dropped Into Obscurity
Duran Duran – Girls On Film
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
Turquoise Days – Grey Skies
Electronic Circus – Direct Lines

klAus & geORge im PingPong-Wechsel
Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – Not In Love
Fehlfarben – Gottseidank nicht England
Joy Division – They Walked In Line
Rational Youth – Saturdays In Silesia
Flying Lizards – Money 12′
Schonwald – Deep Metals
Lebanon Hanover – Broken Characters
Sol Invictus – Sawney Bean
Keluar – Ennoea
Fairmont – Canon
Selofan – Love Is A Mental Suicide
Björk – Joga
Valerie Dore – The Night
Jennifer Lawrence – The Hanging Tree


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